I. For Business Part:

Phnom Penh Packaging is the Leading and Professional Packaging Company in Cambodia. We provide with the best service, high quality and affordable price. What we are doing: Packaging Products: Paper Bag, Paper Box, Hard Paper Box/Strong Paper Box/Premium Paper Box, Plastic Bag, Hard Plastic Packaging, Clear Plastic Container, Clear Hard Plastic Box, Clear Hard Layer Plastic Holder, Non-Woven Bag/Eco Bag/ Fabric Bag, Chopstick Cover, Fork Cover, Spoon Cover, Cup Sleeve. For these kind of products, you can customize size and logo printing.

Premium Gift: Flying Balloon Printing, Small Balloon Printing, Big Balloon Printing, Mug Printing, Pen Printing, Pencil Printing, USB Printing, Stainless Steel Mug Printing, Stainless Steel Printing , Wall Clock Printing, and many kinds of other premium product printing.

Besides making Packaging Products and Premium Gifts, we also supply Accessory Products Using in Coffee Shop and Restaurant such as: Plastic Cup, Paper Cup, Paper Bowl, Cup Sleeve, Straw, Hot Straw/Stirrer, Napkin, Chopstick, Chopstick Cover, Fork Cover, Spoon Cover, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Corn Biodegradable Spoon, Corn Biodegradable Fork, Corn Biodegradable Knife and other products. For these kinds of products we supply with or without logo printing.

For Distributors please come to our office to get the special price for the whole sale.

II. For Social Activities Part:

In Phnom Penh Packaging’s Philosophy, we believe “ The world is just the big family”; we all are brothers and sisters. From that philosophy we always do something to help the other family members who are in the worst situation. Every month we always cut 10% of our total net profit to give back to society. Here we often have the new projects for helping society. If you want to joint our journey, just let us know, every small single of your support is very important to society.

Note: Never buy our products because of our social activities and never think that buying our products is one part of social activities. If you really like our social activities, you can directly come to joint us. For us business is business, social activities is social activities. We are not doing these social activities in order to take advantage for our business. Simply just buy our products because of our best service, high quality and affordable price.